Every ten years, Anglican bishops from around the world meet to share, pray and have fellowship, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

SOMA UK and Crosswinds Prayer Trust are co-ordinating briefings to inform and equip like-minded people who wish to cover this 2008 event with prayer. 

If you would like to participate, please add this page to your favourites and consider signing up for the email briefings.

We are pleased to provide the following resources for the use of partner organisations and groups wishing to help publicise Pray Lambeth.

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'SOMA UK along with Crosswinds Prayer Trust are running Pray Lambeth, an initiative to provide email and SMS prayer briefings during the 2008 Lambeth Conference.'

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Press Releases

Launch Press Release - 14 July 2008

Some ideas to get you started from Hilary Steynor – Prayer Co-ordinator

If God has put into your heart a burden to pray for the Lambeth Conference, whether on your own or by encouraging others in your group or parish to get together, this article is for you!  I trust that you will find it helpful as you prepare for this task.

The process of intercession – of upholding the Bishops before the Lord as they meet – is not just one of petitioning prayer but a process of Praise, confession, offering ourselves, waiting on the Lord, listening, and praying scripture and Words received.  We will commit to this process formally in the Prayer Rooms.

But most of you reading this are probably drawn to intercede alongside continuing to run the business of daily life.

Transcript of Archbishop Rowan’s Call to prayer for Lambeth

"Every ten years the Bishops of the Anglican Communion worldwide meet for the Lambeth Conference. They have been doing it like this for over a century now.

It was an idea which one of the Archbishops of Canterbury in the 19th century had as he recognised that what had begun simply as the Church of England and the Church in other bits of the British Isles and in Ireland; that Church had become something rather different. It had become an international body drawing in people of many, many different languages and cultures and it was growing very rapidly in Asia and above all in Africa because of the efforts of heroic missionaries.